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Rachel gained 15 years experience as a psychiatrist before moving into management consulting in 2001. She now lectures on the Executive MBA program at QUT and provides leadership, executive and career coaching to senior and high potential leaders. To learn more, visit -

What If Standard Career Advice Is Wrong?

Standard career advice says that if you want career success, then you need to decide where you want to be in your career in 10 years time and work out what you need to do in order to get there. … Continue reading

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What Can You Do When You Feel In Over Your Head?

Many leaders are feeling ‘in over their heads’. The organisational landscape has become volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) and it can often feel so challenging and overwhelming that we feel out of our depth and swamped. The skills that … Continue reading

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Using the ACT Matrix to Help You to Be The Person You Want to Be…More Often

I use the ACT matrix a lot in my workshops and with my coaching clients… and on myself! It is a tool that helps to build mindfulness, self-awareness and valued living. It is based on contextual behavioural science and is … Continue reading

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Learning To Step Over Coercion And Create The Workplace Culture That You Want

In his wonderful book, The Nurture Effect, Tony Biglan, states that ’the most important stressor we humans typically face comes in the form of coercive interactions with other humans.’ Coercion is where people use unpleasant behaviour to influence you. If … Continue reading

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Little Things Lead to Sucess At Work

We tend to remember the big choices we make and think they determine the course of our life. Whilst it is true that these larger choices are important. It is actually our micro-behaviours that ultimately determine our success. Continue reading

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What a Country GP Can Teach You About Fame and Fortune

My father was a doctor. When he finished medical school, he planned to pursue a career with some prestige attached to it. He was going to become a surgeon or physician in some teaching hospital. He would work his way … Continue reading

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Creating Nurturing Environments

I want to highly recommend this podcast to you. Trent Codd talking with Anthony Biglan about creating nurturing environments. Key points for me: There are now many randomised controlled trials of family and community interventions that have been shown to … Continue reading

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