Our Values

Rob and Rachel are keen to apply the principles of ACT to their own lives. So, at the start of this project, we set aside some time to explore our shared values in relation to the Working with ACT project.

The conversation was rich and lively and involved several early morning (Rachel) and late night (Rob) calls on skype.   As the discussion continued our understanding of each other and our commitment to the project grew.

So this is what we have so far, our work in progress:

Aims and objectives

The Working with ACT project will:

  • Collate resources which help clients and practitioners understand, learn and use ACT in the workplace more effectively.
  • ‘Translate’ ACT for the workplace, in order to build effective, engaging organisations and sustainable performance.
  • Develop ACT-based services and products that provide measurable business outcomes and meaningful results for clients.
  • Give freely, yet make a decent profit on services and products we develop.
  • Give something back – both to the ACBS community and those who may not be able to access ACT otherwise.
  • Strive to create valued living, vitality and meaning for all our stakeholders.  We will model ACT as we go.
  • Be run in accordance with our values, which reflect those of the members of Association of Contextual Behavioural Science.


We wholeheartedly support the values of the ACT community outlined here.  We also value:

  • Development.  This project is about experiencing ACT more deeply, learning how to apply ACT in the workplace more effectively.
  • Openness – we seek to be open with each other (and with all our stakeholders) to encourage continuous self reflection and growth.
  • Mutual support – this project is about supporting each other to learn and grow.  This means developing our own ideas and building on each other’s ideas in a compassionate, generous way.
  • Meaning and willingness.  Meaningful change is the only goal, but this needs willingness.
  • Authentic behaviour.  We want to become more and more the kind of people we’d be proud to know.  And we want to build a project we’re proud to have been involved in.
  • Flexibility.  And all of this we can hold lightly and with compassion….

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