6 thoughts on “Translating ACT for the Workplace

  1. Hi you guys!
    First of all: thanks a million for all the help you’ve given me last year and all the best to the both of you in 2012. I wish you both the energy and creativity to be able to go for lots of ‘toward’ moves this year!

    Thanks for sharing your information on your website!
    I don’t understand what you mean by ‘even from half an inch away’ when you’re talking about defusion here. Could you explain a bit of this? Thank you very much!


    1. Thanks Annick!
      We are travellers on the same journey and wish you lots of luck with your endeavours.
      The phrase ‘even from half and inch a way’ comes from a TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am writing a blogpost about it.

  2. A great site & very useful – more and more there is a need in workplaces to facilitate & encourage psychological flexibility . I use ACT in executive coaching and once there is clarity in the mind of the person being coached as to the benefits & how to get there- then things become easier not harder. Keep up the good work guys 🙂
    sasha scott
    www inclusivediversity.com

    1. Thanks Sasha!
      Seems like we have similar positive experiences around the effectiveness of ACT in coaching. Are you a member of ACBS? We are starting an ACT in Organisations special interest group at the moment.

  3. I would like to be a part of your group & no I will join ACBS. I am really searching to find ACT colleagues in a loose sense in London as its a challenge to get it recognised as of value within business & yet so very powerful. I am keen to extend my practice from executive to clinical under the correct qualifications so any guidance i’d be most grateful. Partic from a UK centric perspective…

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