Useful Resources

Links to key ACT resources which can be used in the workplace:

  • List of ACT in the workplace research.  Read or help us update our list here.
  • Translating ACT for the workplace.
  • Values clarification activities
  • Using ACT in Team Facilitation Rachel Collis & Petrina Alexander – This is a summary of a session Rachel Collis and Petrina Alexander ran at the ANZ ACT Conference in 2010.
  • Career Paralysis.  A presentation which uses ACT to help people make career change.
  • Mindfulness Research Guide.  A useful definition is here and a list of studies outlining the latest in mindfulness research – most of which is applicable to the workplace.
  • ACT and stress management.  Dr Kate Hamilton-West has produced a free ebook providing information about stress and links to further resources. The ebook can be ordered from  Kate is an Associate of Mindfulness CIC and uses mindfulness in the context of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (

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