Using the ACT Matrix to Help You to Be The Person You Want to Be…More Often

I use the ACT matrix a lot in my workshops and with my coaching clients… and on myself! It is a tool that helps to build mindfulness, self-awareness and valued living. It is based on contextual behavioural science and is very easy to use.

I have made a video explaining how I use it:


You can download a pdf handout of the ACT Matrix here.

Kevin Polk (who is one of the people who developed the ACT matrix) has lots of free resources relating to the ACT matrix at his website.

7 thoughts on “Using the ACT Matrix to Help You to Be The Person You Want to Be…More Often

  1. This can be very helpful to the project I’m working on I’ve been driving for hours and writing down the matrix and drawing squares I think you may have already hit upon what I’m looking for again thank you. Linda Hamilton

  2. Hi, Rachel !
    Too funny… I see a message to you from “lindahami” – above… too funny… she is my Mom. !!
    Watched the video and made copies for myself… I am going to watch several more times to fully grasp it… I will sign up for emails. Thanks so much… for this wonderful explanation… the timing of this for me… is Impeccable… and Perfect…
    Have a wonderful Summer…
    : ) Valerie

  3. Hi Rachel will you be uploading the video again…I tried to watch it and got the message that it had been removed by the user. thanks for your posts best regards margot

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