The Price

This is a story about two blog posts, two people wanting to make a contribution, and the price that comes with doing that.

In my last post I promised to write something about the difference between ACT as therapy and ACT as coaching. Before I did, I checked with Rachel that she was happy for me to do so, as we’d presented together on a similar subject before. This was her (edited) reply:

On 24 Apr 2015 22:27, “Rachel Collis” <> wrote:

Go for it!

Also, if you think it is helpful, I would love you to link to the ACT Coaching e-book that goes with my ACT coaching training.

I have decided to just give it out free to folks.

No pressure, if you don’t think it is appropriate in the context of the post.

I then read the e-book. Reader, it is AMAZING.

It is the most valuable contribution to this developing field I’ve read and beautiful too (very Rachel). Needless to say it is far more useful, well written and valuable than my blog was going to be. I will be devoting the whole of the next post to it (no way am I shoehorning it into this).

But the question is, how does this happen? Here’s the next exchange:

On 25 Apr 2015, at 7:53 am, Rob Archer <> wrote:

Err. …Rachel this is amazing.  Why didn’t I know about this??

From: Rachel Collis []
Sent: 24 April 2015 22:58
To: Rob Archer
Subject: Re: ACT and coaching

 Cos I am an idiot!

It needs more work but I am quite pleased with it!

I then asked Rachel about the functions of ‘cos I am an idiot’ and she hinted at some aspect of her learning history that made praise both craved for and difficult to receive:

From: Rachel Collis []
Sent: 25 April 2015 23:42
To: Rob Archer
Subject: Re: ACT and coachingThe function of ‘cos I am idiot’ is that I do something- like spend hours writing an ebook – and then don’t tell people. I think it is EA around embarrassment and shame.

And there we have it.

Meaningful work, ‘towards moves’, contribution: all come with a price. And the more we value the contribution, the higher the price.

So I wonder what the next ‘towards moves’ are for me and Rachel?

I asked her if I could post the link for her, because I didn’t want her to undersell it. But then I felt caught between two options. I could:

  • Post it myself, to reinforce her value to the community by praising her work. This sounds good, but am I really trying to rescue Rachel from her discomfort, and thereby reinforcing her avoidance?
  • Let Rachel post it. But is that just testing Rachel’s willingness? And why wouldn’t I actively support a colleague who I believe, has done such important and valuable work?

And what should I now do with my post?

I am left with something I have worked on, not as important as Rachel’s, but a contribution nevertheless. I could:

  • Not post, and perhaps work on it some more, trying to offer something different to Rachel.
  • Post anyway, in the service of making my own contribution to something that matters to me.

Both of these feel like ‘towards’ moves to me….and both will probably come with a price.

If I don’t post, I will need to make way for feelings of jealousy that Rachel has written something far better than me, without even mentioning it.

If I do post, will I secretly hope that somehow my post will be seen as just as valuable (oh Rob, this is really good too!) – and move straight to feelings of rejection if that doesn’t happen?

So there we are again.  Two humans, on different sides of the world, both wanting to make a contribution to something that matters.

Both hesitating over the price.

8 thoughts on “The Price

  1. Rob and Rachel,

    Rachel, I can absolutely guarantee that your book is fabulous. Don’t do another thing to it. Use it as is. The great thing is that you have more then one way to use the ebook.

    Forgive me while I dive into the content of the price of the book…

    The “price” of the ebook depends on context. If you are selling it on Amazon as just another book, then $9.99 USD and below will be the price. If you are selling it directly to someone who needs information about ACT as Executive Coaching, then the price might be in the hundreds of dollars. Amazon is a “broadcast” market and the other a direct sales market.

    The coaching market is pretty lively on the Internet, so if you can market the book as solving a problem for “net” coaches, then you can easily charge 27, 37, or 47 for the book.

    My own experience has taught me that the direct sales route is the more empowering. That way you are sending your book right to the people who are really interested in it. Some people would say these people are part of “your tribe.” In that regard I’m a member of your tribe, I want to read the book. I will pay you money for the book 🙂

    You could also position your ebook as part of a lead generating system to gather email addresses of potential coaching clients. You would start with a one-page free “The 7 Things you Need to Know about ACT Coaching” (I made up the 7) as a lead magnet, then follow up in a later email with an offer for the ebook, or you might give the book away as part of a paid consultation, etc. (after you get the email address).

    Rachel, you have created an asset for both you and your tribe. Use this asset wisely so the members of your tribe can get the most out of it while the “price” of it becomes a way for you to make part of your living.

    Be Well!


    1. Kevin,you are always so generous, Thank you! I am a huge fan of the ACT Matrix. It works so well in coaching.
      I really appreciate your suggestions – I am not sure what I will do with them at present. I am noticing lots of complicated emotions as I consider those choices. At present I feel like it is a valued move for me to offer the e-book free and charge for the ACT Coach training and 1:1 mentoring that i provide. But that may be a justification for a whole heap of avoidance!

  2. I’m an ACT therapist & educator in Canada and would love to read this book! Rob’s endorsement reads as very genuine….I too would be happy to pay money for the book. Nice breakdown of “costs” associated with ‘moving towards values’ using a real-life example.
    Love this blog…..thanks!

    1. Hi Caroline, I am so pleased you would pay money for the ebook! And readers of this blog, such as yourself, can have it for free – I think Rob is planning to post the link next week.

  3. Wonderful post describing how two lovely people practicing vulnerability with each other in the service of their values.

  4. Yes please ! i would love the e-book and would also be more than happy to pay for it. I just want every resource both you and Rob put out. So I look forward to it or both….either paying for them or not :).

    Thank you

  5. I will pay for your book! I am an executive/leadership coach in Alaska and an avid follower of both your and Rob’s work! I am always excited when I see a new post. Looking forward to info on how to purchase it!

  6. Asa career coach and HR professional here in France, I downloaded the e-book last night and simply couldn’t put it down – thank you so much Rachel for this wonderful job. It is definitely very valuable – and I’d be happy to pay for it.

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