The Joy of Acceptance

In this blog, Rob and I often write about ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training). As the name suggests, ACT involves ‘Acceptance’. This means choosing to adopt an open and receptive attitude to internal experiences (such as thoughts, emotions, memories and urges) as they arise, even when they are unpleasant. There is a lot of good research that tells us this is likely to be a good idea. 

Kelly Wilson suggests acceptance involves deciding, ‘Where you want to go in life and then heading off in that direction, even if that means feeling some pain along the way’ 

What would it be like if next time you feel sad, afraid or angry – instead of either making yourself wrong for feeling that way or putting lots of effort into justifying why you are entitled to feel that way – you turn to yourself with compassion and allow those feelings to be as they are. And you slow right down… and breathe…and then choose your actions based on your values?

My experience is that there is a fierce joy in this.

Quote from: Things Might Go Horribly Terribly Wrong – Kelly Wilson and Troy Dufrene

3 thoughts on “The Joy of Acceptance

  1. Sure, feel what you feel.
    Just don’t feel too much, or express it unprofessionally, or at the wrong time, or when you have to give a presentation, or in a meeting, etc, etc, etc.
    In other words, leave your feelings at the door & grow up.

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