Communications Training

We offer two Communications Training courses:

1. Effective Communication

  • Building relationships through effective communication
  • Why is connection important?(values)
  • Getting grounded so that you can observe the interaction (present moment and observer self)
  • Delivering a message – taking second position – How does my communication impact on others? How do others interpret what I say? Getting the response I want by focussing on the WIFM of the other person. (Values, committed action)
  • Effective listening skills – being present; asking good questions, demonstrating understanding, showing empathy, finding out what is really going on, identifying and overcoming blocks to communication (away moves)

2. Understanding and Resolving Conflict

  • Understanding the causes of conflict (present moment)
  • Using your values as a compass to help you steer through conflict
  • Understanding and handling your own and others emotional responses during conflict (defusion, acceptance)
  • Letting go of ‘being right’ – focussing on identifying and solving the shared problem (valued action)
  • How to get the best outcome for all concerned (defusion,acceptance)
  • Understanding the difference between a judgment and an observation (present moment, defusion)
  • Becoming better at observing what is really going on (present moment, defusion)
  • Deciding whether to raise an issue (values, committed action)
  • How to raise a difficult issue (values, committed action)
  • Handling your own thoughts and feelings (defusion, acceptance)
  • Acting with integrity  (values, committed action)