A Start

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to start things.  Especially big, important things.  It feels like that first step has to be right or the plan has to be bottomed out, or the whole thing will fall apart.

But one of the enduring lessons mindfulness has taught me is the simple value of returning to my intention. Start again.

So here’s a start. It isn’t perfect.  But it is returning to my intention.

4 thoughts on “A Start

  1. Happy to read your posts again, Rob! I said the same thing in a training the other day, but… today is a big day for me and I’ll remember your post! Thanks!

  2. Hello Rob,
    Your blog really hits a nerve with me! (a positive one, I mean)
    I always like to read them, but this time your blog is spot on – and so very true.

    Keep up the good work!

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