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Handling Painful Thoughts and Feelings

If we are to live rich and meaningful lives, painful thoughts and feelings are going to come along for the ride. If I love with all my heart, at some point I will get hurt. If I value doing a … Continue reading

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Why Values in the Workplace Don’t Work

Since identifying and following my own values my life has changed immeasurably.  Not happier necessarily, but I am now truly engaged in what I do and experience a lot of meaning.  If you asked me today whether this life is … Continue reading

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How Using ACT in the Workplace Could Transform Almost Everything … in the Antipodes

This week I will be presenting at the ANZ ACT conference in Brisbane. The conference is shaping up to be a good one with brilliant speakers and researchers  (e.g. Todd Kashdan, Frank Bond); wonderful clinicians (e.g. Robyn Walser, John Forsyth, Lisa … Continue reading

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What is Meaning in Work?

When I retrained to become a psychologist, my research centred on meaning in work.  That’s because my work to date (as a management consultant) had been pretty meaningless, but I did not reallyknow what to do about it. So my … Continue reading

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