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The Joy of Acceptance

In this blog, Rob and I often write about ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training). As the name suggests, ACT involves ‘Acceptance’. This means choosing to adopt an open and receptive attitude to internal experiences (such as thoughts, emotions, memories and … Continue reading

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Fairness is a Double-Edged Sword

In my work as an Executive coach I usually ask my clients to take the VIA Character Strengths test. The test gives you a list of your top five character strengths or ‘values in action’. I have observed that strengths can … Continue reading

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On the Dangers of Psychometric Testing

Rachel wrote compellingly (below) about our three selves, and how the things we believe about ourselves can help us and limit us. I agree, but as an occupational psychologist this presents  me with a dilemma. Psychologists are very keen to … Continue reading

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Your Three Selves

Stop for a moment and think about who you are…. In response to this question most of us come up with a list of statements about ourselves, perhaps some memories; some labels about the roles we play; some values; our … Continue reading

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The Certainty Bias

A fantastic interview with neurologist Robert Burton highlights the mind’s Certainty Bias. The mind evolved to help us make sense of the world around us, because without that understanding it’s pretty hard to know how to act.  Not many of … Continue reading

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