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Psychological Flexibility and the Miracle of Istanbul

This is a story about what Liverpool Football Club has taught me about happiness, pain and meaning. I love Liverpool FC, but I am also what’s known as an ‘armchair’ fan. That is, I support Liverpool but don’t go to … Continue reading

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Myths and Mistakes in Goal Setting

I have recently come across some highly competent professionals who say they have become reluctant to set goals.  They don’t think that goal setting really works. I am interested in this. I wonder if they have run into problems with … Continue reading

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People Assume It’s You, Not The Situation

The ‘fundamental attribution error‘ is a psychology term used to describe how we often make mistakes in interpreting why people have done something. ‘People have a tendency to give personality based explanations for other peoples behavior more weight than situational … Continue reading

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How To Transform a Team

Sometimes teams become unhappy. Just like in a bad marriage, all the interactions become loaded. Problematic behaviour is noticed and ruminated upon. Attempts to improve things go unnoticed and wither. People are in pain and at a loss how to … Continue reading

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The Sun Always Rises – Hemingway

This struck a real chord for me, especially as I am going to be on a plane tomorrow: “We stare at our computer screens cataloguing our lives unaware that every important decisions has been taken by one goal: the avoidance … Continue reading

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So Do Your Really Care About Your Team?

How likely is it that your team would say ‘Yes’ in response to the following statement? ‘My supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about me as a person’ If they do say ‘Yes’, would you be one of … Continue reading

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