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How to Form a Habit in the New Year

At new year it seems nearly everyone wants to change some aspect of their lives. But as we all know, new habits are hard to form.  Many of us give up before a habit has formed.  So the key question … Continue reading

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The Near Enemy of Psychological Flexibility

I recently presented an ACT workshop with NeLi Martin and she spoke about the concept of the ‘near enemy’. In our attempts to become better people the near enemy can actually be more dangerous than the far enemy.  For example, … Continue reading

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The Well Being Equivalent of 5 Fruit and Vegetables a Day

The Foresight Mental Capital and Wellbeing Project aimed to, amongst other things, ‘identify the wellbeing equivalent of “five fruit and vegetables a day”.’ Based on an extensive review of the evidence they came up with: 1. Connect… with the people around you. 2. … Continue reading

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Psychological Flexibility in the Workplace

So many leadership courses are based on the idea that to improve performance we must firstly sort our thinking out.  So we focus on motivation, confidence, self-belief or ways of controlling or removing anxiety and stress.  Sounds logical enough. The … Continue reading

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What is Psychological Flexibility?

The main focus of ACT is to increase something called psychological flexibility.  But what is psychological flexibility and why is it important? Of all the psychological phenomena that we have studied, this is the one that is of by far … Continue reading

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