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How Science Can Help You to Use Words to Weave Magic

It was like he was performing some form of magic. He seemed to knows how to structure his questions and interactions in a way that freed people up. As I watched, I could tell that he was doing something extraordinary … Continue reading

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Working in a harsh environment can mess you up more than you think…

Have you ever had to survive a harsh environment at work? This woman has… Most of us have lived through an unpleasant time at work. When it ends, we sigh with relief and assume all will now be fine. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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The Science of Gratitude (or What your Mother didn’t teach you about how to say ‘Thank You’)

Saying thank you is important. Your parents probably spent hours drilling this into you. A polite ‘Thank you’ smooths social interaction and makes life a little kinder. But what your Mum probably didn’t teach you, was how to express heartfelt gratitude in … Continue reading

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ACT and conscious evolution Part A: Why cant we get our act together to respond to global change?

We live on a planet completely transformed by humanity.  Our impacts upon the planet are so great that scientists have now coined a term for a new geological age – the Anthropocene.   We are changing the climate, the chemical balance … Continue reading

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When Feeling Awkward Gets In The Way Of Change

Have you ever wanted to try something new but because it felt awkward you backed away from the change and went back to what felt more comfortable, even though part of you really wanted to persist with the change? I … Continue reading

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Closing the intention-behaviour gap

Over Christmas I put on an additional 3kg. I have been getting rid of it ever since and I have realised that losing weight is a fantastic practice in psychological flexibility.  Just about every minute of the day there are … Continue reading

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How You Can Make 2013 A Successful Year

So here we are in 2013. What will it take for you to define this year as successful? Let’s start by looking back on 2012. What did you achieve? What mistakes did you make? Where do you feel you failed? … Continue reading

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