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Finding Meaning

Meaning in life is an important factor in human well being. You probably won’t be surprised that research has shown that people who have a sense of meaning and purpose in their life are happier than those without that sense … Continue reading

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Noticing How Desire Can Pull You Away From Your Values

When does desire pull you away from your values? It might be the impulse to buy more stuff that you don’t really need; watch TV instead of doing some exercise; let work dominate your  life; make poor choices that change your … Continue reading

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Creating Great Mentoring Relationships

  Last night I spoke at an event held by the QUT Career Mentors Scheme. They were a great group of people – the mentees are students about to finish their degree and the mentors volunteer their time to support the … Continue reading

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How to Build Engagement and Vitality

Are you willing to invest energy in your work? Do you persist in the face of difficulty and give your full attention to your work when you are at work? Do you feel like your work matters? Do you care … Continue reading

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Is It a Good Idea to Act Authentically?

Well, it depends how you define authenticity. Authenticity can be problematic when we define it as freely expressing our thoughts and feelings. I have made this mistake many times in the past. I believed that it was wrong to hide my … Continue reading

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Psychological Flexibility and the Miracle of Istanbul

Fernando Torries, Liverpool FC’s star striker is apparently off to Chelsea, the soulless antonym of everything that Liverpool stands for. I find this incredibly painful and I feel an impulse to reject football and to turn my attention elsewhere. But … Continue reading

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