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Noticing How Desire Can Pull You Away From Your Values

When does desire pull you away from your values? It might be the impulse to buy more stuff that you don’t really need; watch TV instead of doing some exercise; let work dominate your  life; make poor choices that change your … Continue reading

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Closing the intention-behaviour gap

Over Christmas I put on an additional 3kg. I have been getting rid of it ever since and I have realised that losing weight is a fantastic practice in psychological flexibility.  Just about every minute of the day there are … Continue reading

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How Believing You Will Be Successful Leads to Success..or Not

If, like me, you watch ‘The Voice’ or ‘Dragon’s Den’ or ‘(Insert Country you live in here) Idol’ or any similarly painful and joyful reality TV show, you will have heard competitors proclaiming that they won because they had ‘absolute … Continue reading

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Effective Decision Making

Sometimes we have to make important decisions where the ‘right’ answer is unclear. I would like to suggest this process for making for those tricker decisions: 1. Which of your values are relevant in this situation? 2. What are the … Continue reading

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Jumping Off A Piece Of Paper

Do you have something important that you need to do but even the thought of it makes you feel so uncomfortable that you just avoid it? It might be risking rejection; doing something boring; risking looking stupid….. In this great podcast, DJ … Continue reading

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Listening to The Future You

When you have to make a difficult decision (Shall I eat another chocolate almond? Shall I buy the $15 wine or the $50? Should I apply for that job?) considering how you would view that decision in 10 years time … Continue reading

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Myths and Mistakes in Goal Setting

I have recently come across some highly competent professionals who say they have become reluctant to set goals.  They don’t think that goal setting really works. I am interested in this. I wonder if they have run into problems with … Continue reading

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