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Creating Nurturing Environments

I want to highly recommend this podcast to you. Trent Codd talking with Anthony Biglan about creating nurturing environments. Key points for me: There are now many randomised controlled trials of family and community interventions that have been shown to … Continue reading

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Maybe we should ask our staff to read Harry Potter?

What if reading novels helped us to learn the perspective taking skills that we need to empathise with others? Maybe our staff development programs should include a book club. My kind of workplace!   Recently Vezzali et al. (2014) showed that the … Continue reading

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The Hard Thing about Hard Choices

Many times in Executive coaching the person I’m working with is facing a difficult choice.  Do I take job A or B?  Should I spend more time at work or with my family?  How can I work with a difficult … Continue reading

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Finding Focus in the Age of Distraction

As the amount of digital information increases tenfold every five years, a conservative estimate is that the amount of information we are exposed to daily has doubled over the last 20 years (1). Now, I don’t know if that is … Continue reading

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What is Experiential Avoidance?

If you like detail this may be your cup of tea. If you’d like a nice blog post on it try this here. But if you’d like a 3 minute animated explanation relating to the workplace, you could try this:

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Why Organisations Should Measure Psychological Flexibility

What should we measure to predict job performance? Organisations spend millions of pounds each year measuring cognitive ability as well as various personality dimensions – and they are right to do so.  Although personality and ability are not perfect predictors, … Continue reading

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You must have a good reason to….

Last week I was wandering around Kmart trying to find an adapter plug. In my search I found myself walking through the Lego aisle. I was taken aback by the fierce feeling of joy and longing that hit me as … Continue reading

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