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Maybe we should ask our staff to read Harry Potter?

What if reading novels helped us to learn the perspective taking skills that we need to empathise with others? Maybe our staff development programs should include a book club. My kind of workplace!   Recently Vezzali et al. (2014) showed that the … Continue reading

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2013 in review

We’ve been quiet but we’ve not gone away. Here’s a review of last year on this blog.  Thank you for reading and commenting and getting involved and encouraging us.  It is very much appreciated. Here’s to another year of taking … Continue reading

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ACT and Conscious Evolution Part B: How ACT can help us respond to global change

Last week we looked at how our psychology gets in the way of effective responding to the challenges of global change. This week we look at how ACT might help us meet some of those challenges by helping us think … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas! (?)

Christmas is a time which for me has always been associated with pressure, comparisons and evaluations.   There was always a sense that other people, somewhere ‘out there’ were doing Christmas properly and that somehow I was not meeting that standard.  … Continue reading

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A New Contributor – Dr Paul Atkins

Rob and I are very pleased to welcome Dr Paul Atkins as a contributor to the blog. Paul is Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour at the Australian National University. He is doing some really cool work around compassion, mindfulness and … Continue reading

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Hello Again!

Some of our subscribers have not had any updates from Rob and I for some time. If you are not in this group then feel free to ignore this post. We weren’t excluding you on purpose, it was all due … Continue reading

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So Do You Really Care About Your Team?

How likely is it that your team would say ‘Yes’ in response to the following statement? ‘My supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about me as a person’ If they do say ‘Yes’, would you be one of … Continue reading

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