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Finding Meaning

Meaning in life is an important factor in human well being. You probably won’t be surprised that research has shown that people who have a sense of meaning and purpose in their life are happier than those without that sense … Continue reading

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How ACT might change the story about addiction to fossil fuels

How can ACT help reduce excessive consumption of fossil fuels?  In this blog, the third and probably last in my series on ACT and environmental change, I want to critique an economist’s view of behavioural change and argue that ACT … Continue reading

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The Science of Gratitude (or What your Mother didn’t teach you about how to say ‘Thank You’)

Saying thank you is important. Your parents probably spent hours drilling this into you. A polite ‘Thank you’ smooths social interaction and makes life a little kinder. But what your Mum probably didn’t teach you, was how to express heartfelt gratitude in … Continue reading

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Could It Be Helpful To Focus On Your Mistakes?

Do you have a tendency to focus on your mistakes? To notice the 5% of your presentation that wasn’t as good as it could be? To really remember and mentally grind over the times when your work was mediocre or … Continue reading

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The Different Motivational Properties of Values and Goals

When committing to a new course of action it’s useful to distinguish between values and goals because they have different motivational properties. Goals can be achieved.  This is why they motivate – we enjoy the feeling of purpose and progress … Continue reading

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How You Can Make 2013 A Successful Year

So here we are in 2013. What will it take for you to define this year as successful? Let’s start by looking back on 2012. What did you achieve? What mistakes did you make? Where do you feel you failed? … Continue reading

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Find Your Passion At Work! (Just Don’t Expect to Feel Passionate About It When You Do)

One of the reasons I left consultancy is because I felt that the work was meaningless.  In meetings I would try not to fall asleep as people droned on about project dependencies and stakeholder management and at the weekend all … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Have It All, What Can You Have?

I believe that we have been sold a myth. A myth that tells us ‘If you try really, really hard then you can have it all’ – love; money; success; a wonderful family; happy kids; health; a beautiful body; a … Continue reading

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A Summer of Defying Labels

This gallery contains 36 photos.

Today the Paralympics end and I’ve been reflecting what it has all meant to me. One of the major themes has been about the Olympics’ capacity to defy labels.  Labels can be useful to help us understand things and give … Continue reading

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How Believing You Will Be Successful Leads to Success..or Not

If, like me, you watch ‘The Voice’ or ‘Dragon’s Den’ or ‘(Insert Country you live in here) Idol’ or any similarly painful and joyful reality TV show, you will have heard competitors proclaiming that they won because they had ‘absolute … Continue reading

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